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The smart Trick of Entrepreneurship That No One is Discussing

By on August 2, 2017

Turning out to be an entrepreneur has become on top of desire list of many people. Right after all, who you should not desire to be described as a boss a minimum of once of their lifetime? Even so, quite a few people today procrastinated to create their particular business, largely for the reason that they feel a lot of entrepreneurship myths. I have shown the best seven entrepreneurship myths in this article, and about to debunk them!

Entrepreneurship Myth #1: Entrepreneurship is not hard.

Numerous men and women consider that entrepreneurship is simple whenever they see thriving business owners generating many cash, but what they did not see are classified as the hardships they gone by way of. When men and women see a prosperous restaurant with lots of buyers, and imagine that an effective cafe just requirements to own skillful chefs, delicious foodstuff, great surroundings and facilities in a very chaotic area, then they are really extremely mistaken.

This will make them wish to begin a restaurant with better yet features when compared to the thriving just one. However, they don’t see by themselves generating close to that restaurant. This is often mainly because you can find some others things, that occur into spot: you’ll want to take a look at Advertising, Training, R&D, Human Resource, Systematization and so on. Entrepreneurship seems quick on the surface, but in fact it is not.

Entrepreneurship Fantasy #2: Entrepreneurship is Difficult.

I can almost hear you saying, “What? You just said it’s not uncomplicated, and now you say it’s not difficult? Aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

Oops. Sorry to confuse you, but I didn’t contradict myself. It’s not simple, but it’s not difficult too.

Entrepreneurship, just like erecting a building, it takes time and effort. Investing time to learn how to build a small business, and putting effort to apply what have been learned.

It’s not difficult, if you have a success blueprint. Success really leaves clues. If you have a blueprint to follow, a set of proven action steps laid out for you, a mentor to teach and guide you when you’re off track, things will not be as difficult as it seems, as you know there are help you can turn to when you will need.

Entrepreneurship Myth #3: Failure rate is high.

Statistics have shown that 95% of businesses fail in first 5 years, and 95% of company remaining will fail in the next 5 years.

Hence, by referring to the statistics, we can say that failure rate is quite high. However, your success as an entrepreneur should not be determined by statistics. Statistics are dead and are just numbers. What determines your success is based on your performance, not by stats or probabilities.

In every aspect of life, be it company, college or sports, the number of persons failing is always greater when compared to the number of men and women succeeding in it. The bigger the award, the smaller the number of men and women succeeding in it. Hence, it’s normal to possess a big percentage of failures and a small percentage of success.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to work towards the very best 1% of thriving business owners and study how to become one of the best 1%, and how Not to become just one of the bottom 99%. Learn from prosperous individuals, and you can be sure you are on the right track towards the very best 1%.

Entrepreneurship Fantasy #4: High risk.

I define risk as “not knowing what you are doing”. There is risk in everything. There is risk in eating fish balls, there is risk in driving a car.

We cannot eliminate all risk, but we can minimize risk, by educating ourselves and so we know what to do and how to do.

You would have lower risk of getting choked by a fish ball than a 6 month old baby, due to the fact you know how to chew and swallow. The best way to reduce your risk, and increase chances of success, is follow the blueprint (footsteps) of folks who have achieved what you want. They have taken high risk to ‘draw’ out the blueprint, and what you have to do is to obtain the blueprint and use it. Of course, success secrets won’t be shared everywhere, and you have to ask for them yourself. But i can tell you that you will discover some really friendly and generous mentors who will give you some secrets of their success.

Entrepreneurship Fantasy #5: I have to have huge amount of money to begin a organization.

This is certainly not mistaken. Huge amount of cash is needed to start out a business enterprise using the traditional brick and mortar method. Rent and renovation costs are going to be in the tens of thousands, not mentioning the supplies and goods that you have to store in your own warehouse, and employees’ salary too(if you are hiring). These are costs that you have to pay, regardless if you made a sale or not. So, this is certainly true that you’ll need huge amount of money to start out.

Nevertheless, it can be described as a fantasy too. Times have changed and we are into the Internet age now. There are actually new options for you to become an entrepreneur, without using the traditional brick and mortar method. You can be an internet entrepreneur, and I have personally knew internet business people who have made five or six figure incomes, from their home. It’s a business that can be built without costly rents, without storage of goods, and maybe without employees too. Network marketing and advertising also allows you to construct a small business without huge investment costs too. Hence, with this, i can say that it is not necessary to invest huge amount of cash to get started on a organization.

Entrepreneurship Myth #6: I’m not a born Entrepreneur.

Neither is Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), neither is Robert Kiyosaki (author of RichDad, PoorDad) and neither am I born business owners. Numerous people think that persons who have successful businesses, must be due to their parents being thriving business owners, and entrepreneurship success runs in the blood. Nevertheless, I can say that this really is absolutely a myth, as millionaire entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki’s real dad is a Professor (that’s why he called him Poor Dad…)

No a single is born an entrepreneur. The reason why some individuals can succeed their parents’ organization so well, or become thriving business people, is due to the fact they learn entrepreneurship skills like selling, marketing and advertising, leadership, management and communication since young. They also mix with people today who are entrepreneur-minded (like their productive parents), or people who have built multiple productive businesses.

Hence, instead of thinking why you are not a born entrepreneur, think how you can be an entrepreneur today, by learning the necessary skills required, and network with other business owners to learn more about them. Remember, your Net-Work is your Net-Worth.

Entrepreneurship Fantasy #7: You can be an Entrepreneur only when you are rich.

Alright, we may have touch on this point above on Myth # 5. Back in Myth #5, we mentioned that become an entrepreneur does not require high investment with the advanced technology today, and you can create an Internet promoting or Network advertising small business, instead of a high-investment brick and mortar organization. Hence, you you should not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to be an entrepreneur. You can start off an Internet and Network Advertising and marketing organization with less than $200.

A lot of folks say that they will start off a small business whenever they are rich. But most will never start a small business inside their entire lives, mainly because they will never find the income to do so. If you desire to start out a small business, i would recommend an Internet or Network internet marketing small business, mainly because it is one particular enterprise you can start out part-time, and will not require huge investment. Then, set aside a certain amount of money for your small business investment, either in training materials, or enterprise expenses to run your Internet or Network marketing and advertising small business part-time.

There you go! seven Entrepreneurship myths debunked! I hope that you have taken great value from this post, and start out your entrepreneurship journey today (if you haven’t).